high-precision carbide tooling



Wolverine Carbide and Tool specializes in manufacturing high-precision carbide tooling to customer specifications. For over 50 years, the metal forming industry has turned to Wolverine Carbide for a wide range of carbide tooling needs, particularly those requiring sophisticated machining processes as a result of tight tolerances and intricate geometries. We embrace challenging projects as well as straightforward standards and can accommodate OD sizes up to 12 inches.

Wolverine’s unwavering commitment to the quality of its carbide begins with securing the best available raw materials. Wolverine leverages relationships with several leading carbide manufacturers based in the United States to procure what we believe to be the highest quality carbide preforms. All material is inspected when received as well as throughout the part realization process. Wolverine has experience machining carbide grades ranging in cobalt binder from 3% to 30%. The Wolverine team is a resource to its customers and always is willing to discuss the wide range of binder concentrations and particle sizes.

Wolverine works with its customers to understand the application and mechanical demands of their tools. In certain circumstances, customers may require – or Wolverine may recommend – that specific tools be coated in order to achieve desired performance. Wolverine delivers access to a broad portfolio of coating technologies and surface treatments through relationships with several world-class coating providers.

To meet customer requests for quick turnaround service, Wolverine offers various carbide tool inventory stocking programs. These hold-for-release arrangements improve delivery time and pricing.

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